Differences in business assistance services and selection tips.

All companies control or should control their business activities. Replacements of innovations allow us to offer the best product or the best service, but for the same customers.

Activities are supported, but not developed. Then you need a list of business assistance services. However, many innovations make commercial development possible, reaching new goals. But whatever the intrinsic quality of innovations, if the market is not ready to welcome them, this innovation is doomed to failure. How then to find out the market? In terms of innovation, customer demand, explicit or implicit, is a key step in the process. Thus, the development of business through innovation depends on the ability of the company to anticipate the needs of both its current customers and future customers. This new clientele may have a geographical expansion, especially for export, but the company may also seek new business sectors. Thus, an innovative company must develop before innovation this knowledge of its future potential market.

Business Seminars and all activities in this direction are a strong lever for improving the company’s performance, as the buyer will prefer the price of experience in his act of purchase. This leads to the development of a search for new suppliers and, consequently, sources in France, as well as abroad.

We can also foresee the development of the Internet Networking Club, which optimizes procurement and supply practices with significant time and productivity savings for the procurement function, if the technique is well-mastered.

As best as possible to pick up teams and analyze the added value provided by various marketing methods, it becomes an important activity for sales staff. In order to minimize the costs of business improvement, we strive, as far as possible, to give privilege to commercial relations by telephone (sedentary sellers) or through the Internet (shopping sites).

Direct contacts of wandering sellers with customers are very targeted, sometimes reserved for large accounts or confirmed by annual visits. Appointments can be made by a specially designated person, which maximizes the “useful” time for sales departments to work with customers. Technical sales representatives come to support sales teams, mainly to develop more technical arguments in support of sales offers. The larger the product family has a technical dimension, the more these technical sales representatives will influence purchasing decisions. According to different product families, procurement practices, product price fluctuations, order frequencies and customer typologies vary widely, which forces sales teams to create an organization and deploy skills that may be specific.

This study will highlight commercial planning methods to promote business and sustainable municipal development for economic and environmental revitalization. The problems of economic and commercial development and its impact on various aspects of the quality of life in each environment are widely covered in all Western countries. The phenomena of commercial and urban sprawl, the devitalization of central commercial sectors in favor of the peripheral poles, and the destructuring of local trade in favor of mass trade are widespread and are the source of new approaches to economic development and urban development.

Capacity building needs are significant and require the establishment of appropriate institutions and an increase in the number of trained and qualified personnel in the emerging public and private sectors. The role of business seminars is to facilitate the acquisition of technical advice and know-how that can strengthen institutions and develop the necessary skills.

The use of resources should facilitate the acquisition of services by national and international experts capable of generating and transferring knowledge, as well as capacity-building activities for various stakeholders in the private sector. The proposed operation will strengthen the renewed partnerships in capacity-building, but should also help Libyan officials and stakeholders better understand operational activities. In addition, within the framework of economic and environmental revitalization, potential will be created in one of the most prestigious higher education institutions, which will ensure the sustainability of training events funded under this grant.