Information About West Brighton, UK

The West Brighton Community Development Corporation is a not for profit community organization. The corporation was formed in 1979 and is solely responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the coastal village of West Brighton, England. The entire area is well developed with a low unemployment rate and excellent access to high quality employment opportunities. This area is also rich in natural beauty, and there are many unique attractions located within easy reach of the residents such as the B&B’s, art galleries, museums and even tea gardens.


The board portal is responsible for providing affordable housing, public works, fire and security services and business assistance services to the citizens of West Brighton. The services provided cover a wide spectrum of services including; food assistance programs, low income housing and supportive services for those with disabilities. They also offer a number of small businesses and retail outlets. There are several different types of organizations that can be used to find grants and business loans for a business such as business planning services, HR services, advertising, and legal services.


Another way is to use the resources available to you locally such as businesses and other nonprofits. Most everyone agrees that businesses need volunteers at every stage of their growth and this is true for organizations as well. The businesses and organizations in West Brighton have a plethora of volunteers who love their businesses and enjoy helping others.


There are several nonprofit organizations in West Brighton that offer a wide range of services to residents.

Some of these are the Celebrity Golf Tournament and the Wellness and Well Being Program. These two events have brought thousands of dollars to the community. There are also multiple parks and greenways maintained by the community organization and businesses throughout the town.


The West Brighton board has an online website that provides valuable information regarding all services and offers. Users can search the database for information pertaining to a business or organization in the immediate area. There is also a section dedicated to volunteering where current and past volunteers can provide information on what they did during their time with the group. The information can include anything from cleaning services to tutoring or adult education.


The Celebrity Golf Tournament has been offering golfers an opportunity to play some of the best courses in the world at a discounted rate. This has been happening since 2021 and brings a different level of entertainment to the public. The Celebrity Golf Tournament also provides awards to the top ten finishers. Information on the Celebrity Golf Tournament can be found online and it can also be found on the board’s website.


The Wellness and Well Being Program offers classes that are geared towards both active adults and teenagers.

The program offers nutritional and fitness lessons and also runs summer camps. Many of the residents take advantage of these programs because of the low cost. This program also has an online newsletter that provides up to date information on community events and specials.


The West Brighton Economic Development Office is a local agency that provides a number of resources to both residents and businesses. These include business publications, budget worksheets, and business proposals. These publications are available at a low cost and are quite popular among the community. Events such as the Business Expo allow businesses to display their products and services. Information on this event can be found on the city’s website as well as on the office’s website.